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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery 101

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery 101  

Cosmetic plastic surgery is a medical procedure that leads to a change in function and appearance of a person’s body part. Contrary to reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery’s other branch, this area deals with the improvement of aesthetic appearance rather than the repair of impairments due to injuries and such. It involves reshaping and re-contouring of noticeable physical imperfections. For some, this procedure is an opportunity to obtain a desired physical image.  

Cosmetic plastic surgery is getting more popular as people become more uncomfortable with their physical appearance. It is becoming more accepted through the years. The variety of clients undergoing its processes is also becoming wider. Data show that a lot of people already consider going under the knife to look ideal. From the statistics presented by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of plastic surgery conducted already reached 16,284,526 in 2006 alone. Of that large value, 10,990,287 operations fall under cosmetic plastic surgery.  

Going under the knife  

Like other surgeries, cosmetic plastic surgery is not without it's risks. Before you go under the knife, think first if you really need it. Make sure that insecurity is not what you see in the mirror. Also make sure that you are physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared for it. Also, don’t take for granted the financial aspect. Be honest with yourself is you can afford it or not. Asses if your goals are realistic. Think if cosmetic surgery is the right and best way to reach them. It is also good to keep yourself informed about possible options, pros, and cons before committing into it.  

The benefits and drawbacks  

Going through surgical cosmetic procedures offers internal and external benefits. In a way, it enhances the beauty of a person through the modification of imperfections. Another, it uplifts and boosts a person’s confidence and self-esteem. It makes a person feel comfortable with themselves.  While others may deem your desire to get plastic surgery to be irrational, by it's very nature it's an entirely personal decision.   By arriving at the desired body image, a person will feel certain self-satisfaction. As society dictates the norm, some experience social-acceptance after going through a process of cosmetic surgery.  

However, it also has drawbacks that need to be considered. There is always the tendency of arriving at bad and unexpected results. It has unavoidable risks due to various complications. Fatal results are always possible. Like other medical procedures, it also has side effects. Minor effects such as discoloration, bruising, numbness, bleeding, and pain are sometimes experienced after surgery. Necrosis or skin death is also possible. In a surgeon’s error, asymmetry, puckers, divots, and other irregularities will be visible. Aside from hazards in health, cosmetic surgery is also expensive.  

Additional considerations  

The evaluation of the pros and cons of going under the knife is always important. In addition, some points must still be considered after it. The choice of surgeon is one of the most important concerns. Always make sure that your surgeon is licensed and accredited. In United States for instance, it is highly recommended that a surgeon is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  

It also helps to ask for before and after pictures from your surgeon’s past patients. However, surgeries have different effects to different people so a successful surgery of a surgeon’s past client does not assure that you too will be going out of the room happy. Always be open to possibilities of complications. Goals and expectations should also be realistic.  A top plastic surgeon is likely to refuse to do some operations on the grounds of ethics, while some surgeons are prepared to forego these considerations.  A good surgeon will always discuss procedures with their clients, manage their expectations and determine whether surgery is a good fit between the clients needs and the obvious risks of surgery. 

Available procedures  

After making sure that you need cosmetic plastic surgery, weighing the pros and cons, and keeping in mind other necessary considerations, you should now evaluate what procedure suits you best. There are several procedures that can be taken to achieve the look that one dreams of. With the availability and continuing development of technology, almost every physical imperfection can now be remedied. From the face to the lower body, cosmetic plastic surgery offers a solution.  

Facelift, or rhytidectomy, is the procedure for those who worry about manifestations of aging. In this procedure, excess fats are removed and muscles are tightened to re-drape the patient’s face. Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery restores firmness around the eye. Brow lift or forehead lift also remedies aging manifestations. Another procedure is nose surgery or rhynoplasty that involves the reshaping and arching of the nose. Mentoplasty, or chin surgery, redefines the chin line. For facial contouring, augmentation and implants are advisable. Lips can also be augmented. Ears can also be contoured through Otoplasty.  

Brest lift, augmentation, and reduction as well as gynecomastia are remedies for the chest area. Brest lift or mastopexy firms and re-contours the breast by removing excess skin. If fuller breast is what you want to achieve, breast augmentation through implants is what you need. The opposite goes to breast reduction. Gynocomastia, on the other hand, is for males who want to correct oversized breasts. In addition, there is also the Benelli lift for women with smaller breasts.  

Cosmetic plastic surgery can also helps a patient achieve his or her ideal body size. For those who have a flabby abdomen, abdominoplasty or more popularly known as tummy tuck can be considered. Flabby arms can also be remedied through brachiaplasty. Thighplasty, on the other hand, is for the correction of the thigh part. For a fuller behind, there is buttocks augmentation. For other parts with undesired lumps, there is always liposuction to suck out all the fats. Liposuction can be performed on the hips, waist, upper arms, back, inner knee, chest, calves and ankles.  

Even the woman’s private parts can be redefined through cosmetic plastic surgery. Hymenoplasty can surgically return a woman’s lost virginity. Labiaplasty reshapes the skin that covers the vaginal opening. Vaginoplasty involves the toning of vaginal muscles. G-spot amplification is another process that is believed to enhance a woman’s private part.  

Science, has to developed over last 100 years to be able to respond to our aspirations for physical perfection and beauty. The huge growth in plastic surgery is testament to the fact that it is considered socially acceptable and that an increasing number of people consider the benefits outweigh the costs both financial and otherwise.  Furthermore, the huge range of possible procedures means that there is now a procedure for almost any type of desired outcome.